Your Horse, Your Horsemanship

questionboxJ25  Does your sensitive or "lazy" horse not respond so smoothly to pressure?

questionboxJ25  Are you really an "Alpha" leader, at heart?

questionboxJ25  Does your horse trust and respect you as much as you hoped he would?

Join us and gain new insight about what's really going on inside your partnership in terms of the ultimate measure: the Feel between you and your horse. 

What's in your Feel defines your partnership.

Why? Because Feel is the main thing your horse has to go on - it's how he's "wired". Your Feel is the direct line to your horse, when it's aligned with who You are and applied with clarity that fits Your Horse.

Inside Your PartnershipFind out how common practices could be tripping you up and which of 4 aspects of Feel is your particular key to "closing the gap" for you and your horse.

Follow this self-guided assessment "Inside Your Partnership: The Stealth Saboteurs" (download it for free).

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Does your sensitive or 'lazy' horse respond well to pressure? Are you a good 'Alpha' leader?

Are you 100% comfortable about "escalating pressure" to get what you want from your horse?

Are you an "Alpha" leader, at heart?

I wasn't either. Because you know deep down Your Horse doesn't exactly like that 'discomfort' from you!

If you have a nagging feeling there is "more" in your horse you can't seem to quite reach... you're right!

The downside of "Alpha" strategies is that the Feel we offer (such as driving our horse away on the ground or escalating discomfort until he 'submits' to our lead) is really one of “separation” instead of a Feel of “unity”.

This  creates “static" on the line between you and your horse, interfering with clear, harmonic flow.

Higher Capacity for Partnership

Your Horse is waiting for More...You! Join us to find out how Feel really works:

Whether you are enjoying a trail ride, working in an arena, handling a dicey moment or resolving well-rooted trouble-spots, Feel is the bridge from strife to a forever journey of deeper access to your horse.  

When your creativity meets your horse's creativity in connection with the same plan, you discover you and your horse's higher capacity for true partnership in all that you do together.

When I started coaching clinic students "The 4 Keys to Harmonic Flow" and framework of principles within each key, it became their roadmap and GPS to a higher level of connection with their horses. Now it’s here on-line - for you and your horse! Join us to discover how Feel really works and how to apply it with clarity.

Yin Yang Model of Horsemanship

Which Stealth Saboteurs are undermining Your partnership? (here's what to do about it)

To find out what Feel is really about, there's a collection of common practices that are notorious for undermining your feel and therefore your connection, often without you knowing it: I call them the Stealth Saboteurs.

Follow my self-guided assessment “Inside Your Partnership: The Stealth Saboteurs” to identify your Stealth Saboteurs within each of The 4 Keys that determine Feel.

Find out which Key will help you the most personally to unlock more in your horse and deepen your partnership.

Immerse into Your Horse, Your Horsemanship. Yum.

June 9-10 2018 -- Copenhagen, Denmark -- Refine Your Feel Immersion

Come Ride in a Special Opportunity to 
Immerse with your Horse... yum!

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Refine Your Feel

Special Coaching with Karen Musson
dedicated to you and your horse...
Your Level, Your Focus, Your Speed

What is your horsemanship goal...? What's your dream...?
What keeps you up at night...?

questionboxJ25 Are you really an "Alpha" or "boss" style leader at heart, or do prefer the idea of your horse as your co-pilot?


questionboxJ25 Are you sure about how to really "fit" your particular horse through Feel? Is there a rough spot or block of some kind in your equine partnership you really want to resolve, or do you just "know" there's more in your horse you are not quite reaching? Do you wish you knew how to "find the way in" reliably for a deeper or easier connection?


questionboxJ25 Do you sometimes feel like you are "confronting" your horse when things get challenging? Perhaps it even feels like a bit of a fight? What if you could take your horsemanship skill to where it is no longer necessary to "work through" the brace (with brace), where solving a challenge not only feels good to both of you in the process but adds trust and meaning to the partnership as a direct result?

questionboxJ25 Do you love the idea of riding in blended, natural balance with your horse's movement? Or do you wish you had more confidence in your capacity to stay on, and a tangible way to build that? Or both? And not just in "perfect conditions" but when you ride off-road or something surprising happen?

questionboxJ25 Is there something else you wish would be covered in a clinic? (Let me know what that is here)

Do any of these relate? Which ones are at the top the list for you?


What students are saying:




 Immersion Weekend - 4 Rider Limit

Delve deeper into those and other topics and get answers - practical, actionable answers - that bring out the higher partnership experience waiting for you in the wings. Take the "lid" off your potential through a shift in strategy relating in part to "Feel, Timing and Balance" - a phrase coined by Bill and Tom Dorrance to sum up their many layers of wisdom. 

So what do the words Feel, Timing and Balance actually mean in our horsemanship, how do they serve exactly, how do they fit together and - the real key to it all - how do you apply them in practice to improve what we bring to the horses that cross our path?

What do you actually need to know to put the conditions in place for the next level of partnership (and beyond) to become inevitable? That is the core focus of our 5 day immersion. 

With the help of hundreds of horses - every one of them a unique teacher - I have found out more in the last 10 years about their exquisite capacity for a higher level of partnership than I ever dreamed existed in the previous 30 years. I must thank Chase - the horse who first whispered, then suggested, then insisted by 2006 "That's not it Karen... Go Deeper" for making ultimately inevitable this discovery of what I was missing. It changed my horsemanship forever - when you can reliably touch this other place in your horse there's just no going back. And that's my stand - to help you experience that too, your way for your horse and your horsemanship.

Think it's all a bit too "elusive"? Well, I understand first hand why it can seem that way - the good news is, through clinics, private coaching and video coaching, I've developed a framework of principles to apply and structure to follow step-by-step, down to such specific details you cannot miss

Immersion Weekend: Rider Package 
(exact daily focus will depend on participants' experience) :

Examples of Focus Sessions We May Select:

Feet Matter

What's the "actual facts" stream? Get clarity about what your horse needs you to know to dramatically improve your feel and timing, so you can add flow and grace to, well, just about everything. Then get right down to the real business of "particles of feel" and how these play precisely into Feel, Timing and Balance. Start refining your Feel where it counts most (and sshhh... it's also the easiest place to start).

Riding with you Horse's Movement in Flow

There are many schools of thought about "correct" riding. In this session we mine this topic for the good stuff, with a simple focus: your horse's experience of your riding, how to "get out of his way" and yet ride with connection while supporting his Flow. As an extra bonus, blending with your horse's center of gravity happens to double as the best way to stay on, whether in the arena and "off road" :)

Using "Finer Brushes" in the Art of Applied Feel

Uncover what common habits may be eroding your partnership in ways you might not have realized, and what to do about it - add specific Smart Practices to your game plan to clear the road ahead.

Understand the layered value in the seemingly simple Micro Foundation exercises. Simple on the surface, with opportunities to go deeper into the "particles of Feel" to elevate your practice. Focus on the layer or layers that mean most to you in your partnership right now. Build your skill in one or more of these exercises and you will discover how mighty this "Micro" focus is for precision communication rooted in connection first. Watch your horse learn in a markedly different way that sticks -- and underpins everything you do together.

Riding in Flow

Learn how to drop into your horse's flow and shape it as you go. Understand why you have 75% chance of adding brace depending on your timing. Eek! Then relax!! Learn the surprisingly simple secrets to riding the crucial point in locomotion where graceful flow is the most natural thing in the world. When we ride that natural flow point, it's easy to shape without adding or even "working through" brace. It looks effortless and brings notable results with ease. Why? In essence we bypass the majority of brace. If that sounds complicated worry not - we step through this in bite-size stages, that's a promise!

What Could Go Wrong! Conditions for Inevitable Success

It's inevitable that at some point you might possibly get "stuck". Get clear on how to avoid sliding down the "rabbit hole" as you Shift your horsemanship and partnership into this new realm of possibility. We review the threads covered and how to weave them together in new situations so you take home the keys ("Don't forget your keys!" as I often say) to making your ongoing success inevitable. I want you to go home with a clear, straight-forward strategy to manage your progress, be inspired to continue, and transform the feel of Correcting or confronting challenges to revealing what's already there for the asking -- so you can "go do stuff" with your horse with a new level of enJOYment.

Bonus Q & A Session with Karen

Usually 3-4 weeks after the Immersion Course, we will meet up again on-line to share key insights and "wins" in the weeks following the course, and I will answer questions that have come up to help you understand, adjust to stay on track or confirm you are already!

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A shift in your Feel & Timing to better fit your horse can be enough to unlock your next level of partnership. What's in your Feel defines your partnership. Why? Because Feel is the main thing your horse has to go on - it's how he's "wired". This means Your Feel is the direct line to your horse - when applied with clarity that fits Your Horse. Join us to understand and practice how:

Whether you want to "just" find your flow out on the trail, bust open the door to master your real potential 
or simply refine your feel in a great connection you already enjoy, we invite you to Come Ride!

We are limiting to just 4 riders to ensure individual attention

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