Your Horse, Your Horsemanship

questionboxJ25  Does your sensitive or "lazy" horse not respond so smoothly to pressure?

questionboxJ25  Are you really an "Alpha" leader, at heart?

questionboxJ25  Does your horse trust and respect you as much as you hoped he would?

Join us and gain new insight about what's really going on inside your partnership in terms of the ultimate measure: the Feel between you and your horse. 

What's in your Feel defines your partnership.

Why? Because Feel is the main thing your horse has to go on - it's how he's "wired". Your Feel is the direct line to your horse, when it's aligned with who You are and applied with clarity that fits Your Horse.

Inside Your PartnershipFind out how common practices could be unwittingly tripping you up and getting in the way of the partnership you had hoped to enjoy.

Follow this self-guided assessment "5 Ways to Refine Your Feel and Stop the Sabotage!" (download it for free).

To you and your horse,

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Does your sensitive or 'lazy' horse respond well to pressure? Are you a good 'Alpha' leader?

Are you 100% comfortable about "escalating pressure" to get what you want from your horse?

Are you an "Alpha" leader, at heart?

I wasn't either. Because you know deep down Your Horse doesn't exactly like that 'discomfort' from you!

If you have a nagging feeling there is "more" in your horse you can't seem to quite reach... you're right!

The downside of "Alpha" strategies is that the Feel we offer (such as driving our horse away on the ground or escalating discomfort until he 'submits' to our lead) is really one of “separation” instead of a Feel of “unity”.

This  creates “static" on the line between you and your horse, interfering with clear, harmonic flow.

Higher Capacity for Partnership

Your Horse is waiting for More...You! Join us to find out how Feel really works:

Whether you are enjoying a trail ride, working in an arena, handling a dicey moment or resolving well-rooted trouble-spots, Feel is the bridge from strife to a forever journey of deeper access to your horse.  

When your creativity meets your horse's creativity in connection with the same plan, you discover you and your horse's higher capacity for true partnership in all that you do together.

When I started coaching clinic students "The 4 Keys to Harmonic Flow" and framework of principles within each key, it became their roadmap and GPS to a higher level of connection with their horses. Now it’s here on-line - for you and your horse! Join us to discover how Feel really works and how to apply it with clarity.

Yin Yang Model of Horsemanship

Which Stealth Saboteurs are undermining Your partnership? (here's what to do about it)

To find out what Feel is really about, there's a collection of common practices that are notorious for undermining your feel and therefore your connection, often without you knowing it: I call them the Stealth Saboteurs.

Follow my self-guided assessment “Inside Your Partnership: The Stealth Saboteurs” to identify your Stealth Saboteurs within each of The 4 Keys that determine Feel.

Find out which Key will help you the most personally to unlock more in your horse and deepen your partnership.

Immerse into Your Horse, Your Horsemanship. Yum.

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